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Forging a Path in Latvian Public Service, with Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica

Episode 135

Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica is the Latvian Parliament's Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

But long before Zanda started her career in public service, she grew up in Latvia during a transitional period in the country's history. Latvia was evolving – moving away from Soviet rule and toward self-governance. After finishing college preparatory courses, she studied social work at university and then started a career in public service. At first, she worked at the local level, serving on the city council of her hometown. But after realizing she could help more people at the national level, Zanda applied for a federal position and was appointed to the Strategic Analysis Commission of the Chancery of the President of Latvia. While moving up in her career, she prioritized furthering her education and earned her Ph.D. in Management Science in 2013.

Despite having a small population of less than two million, Latvia has strong cultural traditions that its citizens share with the world – music, and singing being chief among them. Latvia is working toward equal gender representation in its institutions, like academia. Zanda shares that around 50% of Latvian college graduates are women, but the ratio of male to female university professors is not equal. Zanda understands firsthand the value of having women in the room when decisions are made. She represents Latvia on the EU Council, which comprises 27 countries. When impactful policy and peace negotiations are on the agenda, the participation of female politicians adds balance and fosters new perspectives. 

Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica is motivated by improving herself and helping others. Her career and educational achievements demonstrate tenacity and service. So, what is Zanda's advice to women who want to further their careers and maximize their impact? Focus on education, be courageous in pursuing new opportunities, and build your network from the people around you. 

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica to learn about the importance of women's involvement in politics and how to improve yourself to improve your future. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Women in politics
  • Education
  • Public service
  • Careers in governments
  • Latvia
  • Self-improvement


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