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Lindsay hardie - Deep Listening

The Mindful Art of Deep Listening, with Lindsay Hardie

Episode 176

In this week's episode, Dr. Deborah Ekstrom welcomes back Lindsay Hardie, a PhD psychologist and the driving force behind Sierra Legacy Consulting, LLC. With her expertise in working with couples, individuals, and family enterprises, Lindsay offers a fresh perspective from the power of listening in relationships to enhancing your personal growth and achieving financial success

She sits down with Dr. Ekstrom to share her unique principles for approaching life with mindfulness and deep listening. You’ll discover her dynamics of affinities and helping, which transcend socioeconomic classes, making you rethink your own perception of wealth.

We also look into the fascinating connections between luxuries and our actions, which uncover the unexpected ways our surroundings influence our behavior. So get ready for some eye-opening revelations that can lead you on your greatest path to self-discovery and mindful living. 

Topics Discussed:

  • 0:00-3:40 – Welcome back Dr. Lindsay Hardie, PhD
  • 03:40-12:28 – Mindful Living
  • 12:28-27:39 – Luxury Cars & Perception
  • 27:39-31:50 – Mindfulness & Metacognition
  • 31:50-34:23 – Self-Mastery & Success
  • 34:23-42:17 – Parenting & Youth
  • 42:17-47:16 – Connection & Deep Listening
  • 47:16-51:16 – Spiritual Energy & Perception
  • 51:16-52:12 – Deep Listening


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