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Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle for Building Wealth, with Art Boulay

Episode 18

Art Boulay, MBA, is CEO of Strategic Talent Management, a consulting firm he co-founded based in Maine with clients all over the US. Like you, he recognizes that organizations spend lots of money solving problems caused by a lack of soft skills among their leaders, managers, employees, and new hires. He is an expert in solving those people based challenges.

Art brings practical ideas, humor, and common-sense solutions to each assignment. He specializes in organizational planning, succession & leadership, and is a certified behavioral and leadership coach. He is an expert in applying assessment tools to solve real-world challenges in coaching & development, hiring, promotion, and recruitment.

Art has lived in Maine most of his life and enjoys hiking and camping in the beautiful north woods of Maine. He currently makes his home in Brunswick, Maine with his wife Lori.

What You Will Learn:

  • Art’s entrepreneurial journey, and how he got to where he is today
  • How Art landed himself in the recruiting industry
  • Art’s take on entrepreneurship as a vehicle for building wealth
  • Art’s role as the CEO and co-founder of Strategic Talent Management, and how his firm helps other businesses thrive
  • How to build stronger relationships and become more influential within your niche
  • What Art looks for as he searches for the right job candidates for his clients
  • The three assessments Art’s team put together do build a wealth of information
  • How to position yourself to build excess cash flow


Meet your hosts:

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