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Behind the Brand: Almost Naked Swimwear, with Amanda Pace

Episode 20

Amanda Pace and her partner Kylie are young, determined women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a swimwear line that empowers women to feel free, sexy, and comfortable in swimwear fabric that’s luxurious to the touch and fits different body shapes perfectly. Their childhoods of living in swimwear by the beach gave them the inspiration to create something that will make women feel confident, like they are Almost Naked.

What You Will Learn:

  • Amanda’s journey into fashion design
  • Why Amanda chose to make the transition into entrepreneurship so early in her career
  • How Amanda leveraged her marketing background to build her own brand
  • The structure of Amanda and Kylie’s business partnership and how the roles are divided
  • An overview of Almost Naked’s marketing strategy
  • Why Amanda chose to use her trust fund to start a business over other opportunities


Meet your hosts:

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