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A Lifetime of Travel, Learning, and Service with Tehmina Jesrai

Episode 133

Born in Pakistan to an upper-class family, Tehmina Jesrai felt supported by her faith at an early age and was never allowed to feel entitled despite her family's social and economic standing. Tehmina’s father was a well-connected businessman, and when business took him to London, her family followed.

While living in London, Tehmina’s family coordinated an arranged marriage with the son of another family of Pakistani origin, named Tariq, a man that Tehmina recognized as ambitious and worthy of partnering with. After the wedding, the couple moved to the United States to begin their life together. Tehmina and her husband had three sons, and while Tariq advanced his career, Tehmina served as their children’s primary caregiver. Despite her primary role in the home, Tehmina was always included in the finances and knew the couple’s investments intimately. Eventually, as her children grew older she explored the world of business, despite having no formal training.

Tehmina was always inspired by fashion. Her dad was a socialite in Pakistan, and Tehmina grew up around Pakistani style worn during formal events. This love inspired her to start her own business in 2006, where she designed and supplied Pakistani fashion to women in the US. Tehmina left the company in 2018, which allowed her sister to take the reins. Tehmina then focused solely on philanthropic endeavors. 

Tehmina was later recruited to join the nonprofit Developments in Literacy (DIL) as a board member. Her spirituality attracted her to giving back to the children of her homeland through this particular nonprofit which provides low-cost, high-quality education to thousands of children across Pakistan—currently educating over 29,000 students in 138 schools. Through her positions in DIL Tehmina grew confident in her ability to achieve and create extraordinary value.

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Tehmina Jesrai to learn about Tehmina’s early influences and journey from Pakistan to London to the US. You’ll also discover how Tehmina’s faith factored into her 30+ year marriage and inspired her to give back to DIL. 

Topics Discussed:

Life growing up in Pakistan
Building confidence and resilience
Fashion as a business
Spirituality’s role in life
Perseverance after the loss of a partner



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