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Challenging Gender Biases and Redefining Women’s Financial Success, with Robin Hauser

Episode 168

On this week’s episode of Money Loves Women we’re honored to have the brilliant filmmaker, Robin Hauser, on the show.

Robin's documentaries are making waves, and her latest work, $avvy, takes a powerful look at women's relationship with money and why it's crucial for women to take charge of their finances. Her film dives into the impact of unconscious bias in our lives and the workplace. 

In this episode, Robin gets real about the importance of women's financial empowerment. We'll explore the sneaky ways unconscious biases can affect our financial decisions and why women often face a “likability dilemma” in the professional world. 

So, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Robin Hauser, who shares her passion for diversity and inclusion, financial wellness, and women's rights. This episode will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take charge of your financial journey. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Unveiling the $avvy Secrets
  • Behind Robin’s Impactful Documentaries
  • Unmasking Unconscious Bias in Our Lives
  • Women in Finance Empowering the Future
  • Breaking Barriers in the Workplace
  • Women Negotiating Like a Pro
  • A Journey Towards Financial Independence


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