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Gina Zakaria

Budgeting, Investing, and Achieving Financial Peace, with Gina Zakaria

Episode 173

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Money Loves Women with host, Dr. Deborah Ekstrom, and our incredible guest and founder of Saving Whiz—a money education platform—Gina Zakaria. 

With over 5 million followers on social media, Gina is not only a savings expert but a true personal finance educator. Today, she dives into the often-overlooked pitfalls of our modern work culture and how they can subtly impact our financial health. 

She shares her personal insight into the temptation of lifestyle inflation and the dangers of unconsciously planning future raises for materialistic pursuits. But luckily, Gina has the solutions.

She unveils the strategic approaches she used to regain control of her finances and attain true financial freedom. From effective budgeting to smart investing, Gina's wisdom is both actionable and inspirational. 

Join us on this episode to learn about the delicate balance between responsibilities and personal growth and how it can empower you to take charge of your financial journey.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Income-Inflation Dynamic
  • The Power of Small Shifts for Big Savings
  • Balancing Responsibilities and Self-Progress
  • Crafting Your Financial Blueprint
  • Challenging The Idea Of Only Saving Money
  • Fueling Investments and Maximizing Cash Flow


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