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Achieving Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment Through Business, with John and Diane Gilbert

Episode 39

John and Diane Gilbert come from different backgrounds and career paths. However, each of them found their stride as B2B relationship marketers in the consumer goods and food packaging industry. John and Diane now lead Cascade Coffee, working together, where John currently serves as the President and CEO, and Diane leads the relationship connection side of their business. They both chose business as their vehicle for building wealth, and in this episode of the Money Loves Women podcast, John and Diane join us to share their stories. Learn how they leveraged their strengths and made themselves receptive to opportunity in order to achieve success in a unique niche.

What You Will Learn:

  • John and Diane Gilbert’s wealth-building journeys
  • Why John and Diane chose business as their vehicle for building wealth, and how they got started
  • Why experiential learning is one of the most critical parts of building wealth in business
  • How John and Diane found their stride with B2B relationship marketing
  • How John and Diane leveraged their wealth-building abilities to make themselves more receptive to opportunity
  • The recipe John and Diane used to build a company that is financially successful and personally fulfilling
  • What to look for if you are considering acquiring a company
  • The joys and challenges of working as a couple in business
  • How Diane and John make their lives work so they can work

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