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About Money Loves Women

In your most private moments you wonder if you dare to dream of a life that is truly authentic and blessed with financial prosperity.

Money Loves Women was conceived to give women the financial and personal power to create a new world paradigm, one that has never been seen before.

For aspirational women, regardless of your current situation and circumstance, Money Loves Women offers support, a community, skills, and opportunity through our suite of transformational training programs and inspirational media… on a mission to collectively impact the world.

Plug into Power with the Money Loves Women Podcast

The Money Loves Women podcast is your #1 place to hear from experts across the business, personal growth, and financial education fields. Finally get the insights you’ve wanted in fun, relatable conversations that help you take action on what matters.


Get to Know the Founder

Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom

Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom experienced personal transformation as she went from money anxiety to building lasting financial security. Her experiences opened her eyes to the need for financial training for women. Dr. Ekstrom also grew passionate about sharing the mindset and tools that help women claim their desires and worth so that attracting wealth becomes easy. 

With her podcast, Dr. Ekstrom quickly realized her vision to help transform women’s lives. With over 40,000 streams and counting, the Money Loves Women podcast is a hub for success guidance for women. Dr. Ekstrom’s ultimate vision is to give more power to women so they can have a greater voice in their circles – ultimately bringing greater balance and peace to the world.

Leading Ladies Speak

See why women like you love Money Loves Women


“I’m lucky enough to have met Joan and I was already inspired by her wisdom and her strength. I loved listening to her story in this podcast and better understanding how she found purpose through adversity. She inspires me to be a better leader and a better person.”

Zoe V.

Powerful Conversation!

“Dr. Ekstrom gets right to the heart of what wealth means! Tricia’s inner game of success, her purpose and the impact helps others create is powerful! Amazing podcast. I can’t wait to hear more.”

Michelle E.

Top Shelf

“This podcast absolutely belongs on your ‘top shelf’ of podcasts! What I appreciate most is the variety provided, between nuts and bolts business guidance, the arts, the examination of both mind and spirit, and the inclusion of experts from such an expanse of backgrounds and experience levels. Whatever you need to hear on any given day, can be found right here!”

Amelia C.

Good Info for Males As Well

“Good info for males as well. Have listened to all of your podcasts - you interviewed a few nut cases but most of the interviews were fantastic!”

Juris B.

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