Discover Why Women Have An Advantage Over Men With Investing...

And See How To Demystify Money and Get It Working For You

Expedite your path to financial abundance.

Expedite your path to
financial abundance.

Overcome Your Fear of the Financial Unknown with a Clear Path to Wealth Creation

You’ve worked hard to create a good life, but to make a real impact and leave your mark on this world, you need to get smarter about your financial decisions. You need to start investing.

But if you’re like most women, frustratingly, it’s hard to know where to start. Can you really invest wisely if you don’t have the right foundation, after all?

It’s not your fault, though. Throughout history, women are left out of critical conversations and information about how to use our hard-earned money to create an extraordinary, purposeful life. Until now.

The Money Loves Women Signature Course gives you both the practical steps to finally start organizing and growing your finances and the knowledge to allow you to feel confident and empowered by your decisions.

Demand the Extraordinary Life You Deserve

Refine Your Money Mindset

Free yourself of limiting beliefs and patterns from the past, and become the kind of person who attracts wealth.

Radiate Confidence to Manifest Your Goals

With a clear vision and the steps to make it a reality, you’ll have unwavering clarity on your financial direction in life.

Take Practical Steps in Financial Education

Cut your learning curve with teachings designed for women and learn how money works to reach financial freedom.

Start from Any Stage in Your Life

Why wait to start building your wealth machine? Access the financial tools of successful women to create your dream future.

Join Other Extraordinary Women in Your Path to

True Fulfillment

Experience a Comprehensive, Relatable Approach to Investing and Start Enjoying an Abundant Life

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Experience a Comprehensive, Relatable Approach to Investing and Start Enjoying an Abundant Life

Access to all content online, 24/7

Designed for the girl-boss in mind, work at your own pace and complete modules from anywhere, at anytime.

A systemic approach to transform your money mindset

Develop a positive money consciousness by breaking through barriers that are holding you back from creating an abundant life.

Exercises to keep you on track toward your vision

Claim what you want most in each area of your life and make clear, confident decisions to obtain it.

Practical steps with actionable financial education

Finally understand how money and investing works, and see your path to build wealth unfold right in front of you.

The Guidance, Steps, and Expertise You Need to Build Your Wealth Machine

Inside the Money Loves Women Signature Course

Module 1: Make a Decision for Wealth

  • Give Yourself Permission to Grow Riches
Journal your financial goals and understand what might be holding you back from taking action. Develop a positive attitude and breakthrough limiting beliefs to start growing your wealth.
  • Design your Life with Wealth in Mind
Gain clarity on what your vision of wealth looks like and how important it is for your future. Learn how to shape your life with your personal vision of wealth in mind so you can reach your dreams.
  • The Science of Manifestation
Take control of your thoughts and emotions by utilizing the vibrational power of the universe to diminish the doubts of your past.

Module 2: Mind Over Money

  • Assess & Adjust Your Mindset to “Access your Power”
Unlock and let go of your hidden unconscious commitments by examining your life decisions, actions, patterns of behavior, and habitual choices to stay motivated on your path to wealth.
  • Extinguish Your Doubt Using Gratitude
Release resentment from your past and learn how to forgive yourself, as well as others in your life, so you can express gratitude and move forward.
  • Make Your Life Work, so You Can Work
Manage your time wisely and delegate where you can to open up your schedule and allow yourself to focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals and increase your cash flow.

Module 3: Take Responsibility for your Money

  • Your Money Rules Manifesto
Find a way to expand your incoming cash flow to meet your investment goals, but not to expand your life style, while still living rich.
  • Protect Your Money
Discover new ways to live rich with the right knowledge needed to secure your wealth from some of the most common financial ‘predators.’
  • The Difference Between Good and Bad Debt
Breakdown the two types of debt you can have and learn how to overcome the bad and benefit from the good so you can make a plan to set yourself up for success.

Module 4: How Money Really Works

  • The History of Finance in the Modern Western World
Explore the evolution of money and stay current with economic shifts in the system to develop an independent, financial mindset and make wiser decisions for your future.
  • Get on the Right Side of the Wealth Equation
Leverage successful investment strategies from experts that will help guide you to become a prosperous business owner and investor.
  • Create a Cash Machine in Alignment with Your Life Design
Take advantage of your unique set of skills to maximize your performance and get paid for the value you provide to those you inspire.

When you join Money Loves Women, you also get access to these exclusive trainings, for free.

How the Stock Market Works

Finally understand what the stock market is so you can confidently invest in businesses that will withstand the ups and downs.

Girl Boss Businesses

Dive into every aspect of a successful business that you know will grow before you begin to invest in it.


Made for women by women.

Meet YourInstructor

With a deep desire to share her success path with other women, Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom started the popular, Money Loves Women podcast and Signature Course to empower women to transform their perspective on wealth from the inside out.

Dr. Deb’s story of building exceptional wealth from a place of debt can now help other women as they move through the course created in collaboration with experts in mindset, beliefs, visioning, manifestation, and financial education.

Are you ready to experience


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What’s stopping you from claiming the abundant life you desire?

Mastering financial literacy and prosperity is for everyone, even if you’re the first in your family or the only woman you know to take it on.

Trust yourself to create an empowered vision and new money mindset, and take the plunge to organize your finances.

You’ll thank yourself when you finally have a clear path to wealth and the sense of empowered security that comes with it.

Honor Your Inner Voice and Build a Clear Plan for Your Financial Future

What’s inside?


“What I appreciate most is the variety provided…”

Between nuts and bolts business guidance, the arts, the examination of both mind and spirit, and the inclusion of experts from such an expanse of backgrounds and experience levels.

Amelia R.

“I loved listening to her story…”

And better understanding how she found purpose through adversity. She inspires me to be a better leader and a better person.

Zoe V.

“Powerful conversation”

Dr. Eckstrom gets right to the heart of what wealth means! Tricia’s inner game of success, her purpose, and the impact she help others create is powerful!

Juris B.

Have questions?

What is Money Loves Women?

Money Loves Women is a female-focused educational ecosystem dedicated to helping successful and driven women identify the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back - both in their financial standing and in their overall self-worth - and provide them with a comprehensive approach to wealth-building so they can dare to pursue an extraordinary life.

What is included in the Signature Course?

The Money Loves Women Signature Course includes access to four online video modules that empowers women to transform their perspective on wealth from the inside out. Starting with inner beliefs, the course highlights disempowerment and teaches how to power a positive mindset to manifest wealth and meaningful goals.

How much does the Signature Course cost?

The entire, four-module course costs $397 and provides unlimited access to all lessons 24/7. Each lesson infuses access to downloadable exercises and assignments to take actionable steps in your journey.

Where can I watch the course videos?

After you purchase, you’ll be able to create a login where you can access the complete Signature Course online. Learn at your own pace, watch from the comfort of your home, or when you’re on the go.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We’re confident in the results you can achieve with our Signature Course which is why we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.