How to Harness Your Feminine Power to Create Wealth & Financial Freedom

What if there was a secret to financial success, a formula that could unlock your true potential?

Hi, I'm Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, the Creator of Money Loves Women.


Over the past ten years, I've helped hundreds of women just like you create the paths to their greatest financial dreams.


I have a passion for helping women achieve blissful abundance… and it’s actually not that hard for me, because women are proven to have better natural talent for growing money than men do. 


I’ll get into the science of this below, but in short… CNBC, Forbes, New York Times, and even Investor's Business Daily all agree that women have the upper hand in growing money.


Now this alarms me because there’s another statistic… Almost 2/3 of women believe they’re not good with money and that they’re not even capable of becoming good investors at all.


This causes women to give up… instead of unlocking the natural, beautiful money-creating talents inside.


That’s why I started the Money Loves Women podcast (now 40,000 streams). I was tired of seeing so many smart, capable women settling for less than what they deserve.


The good news was that with a few simple, easy steps… women were able to drop what was holding them back, and blossom into amazing creators of abundance


There's no reason to believe the common myths of”Making money is hard” or “I don't have the money or knowledge to invest,” or worst of all… “It's a man's world!


I’ve watched so many women transform their financial lives,  and nothing would make me happier than if YOU become the next woman to demonstrate how powerful we can be with investing and wealth creation.


The “Money Loves Women” Method Works for All Types of Women

I first created “Money Loves Women” with the idea of the successful professional in mind. But I soon realized that women from all walks of life were benefiting from these concepts.


It doesn’t matter if you have no savings, and are wondering “How in the world will I ever retire?” Many women start from a place of having built a great career, but have nothing in the bank to show for it. You can turn things around fast.


Maybe you’re doing pretty well (or very well) already and want to get to the next level where income turns into wealth. 


Or If you’re still building your career (or just realized you’ve made a wrong turn), these concepts can get you on the right track fast. You can watch yourself start earning and passively growing funds faster than you ever thought you could. 


And if you think you’ve really screwed up, then this system could be what pulls you back from the brink and takes you to a place of financial peace, free from debt, and having the perfect amount of funds you need to live your life happily.


No matter what, my goal is to take you to a place where you don’t have to wonder “How do I afford that?” or feel like there just isn’t enough to allow yourself and your family to thrive. 


“Money Loves Women” is about abundance. First on the inside, then on the outside. 


First a little secret…


Pssst... No "Guru" or Self-Help Coach here!

Unlike a lot of the “coaches” you see advertising online or on the seminar stage, I’m not someone who “made money by telling other people how to make money,” or “got rich selling books on how to get rich.”


I’ve spent most of my career as a plastic surgeon, and had to learn the hard way on how to grow my earnings into plentiful abundance. 


I had a path that sprawled all over the place… with massive student loanshard work with nonstop hours… and plenty of mistakes along the way.


But over time, by examining my own inner beliefs about money, and learning the hidden essentials of steady investing, I turned everything around. Then I helped my friends, family, and podcast listeners do the exact same thing.


These success stories include elementary school teachers, high-powered attorneys, hotel front-desk clerks, and women who realized after a rough divorce “I am on my own… I need to figure something out!” 


My “job” income may be higher than yours, or lower… and thankfully it doesn't matter.What matters is that you get your mindset right, that you do the best with the money you do have… and you avoid the pitfalls that make it disappear.


Now, I'm talking to women for a very specific reason…


Women Are Naturally Good at Investing, Even Better Than Men…

I'm not trying to put men down or start an ol' “Battle of the Sexes” (as fun as that can be!).


But as women, we have a special knack for earning, investing, and wealth-building that men often envy.


Let’s take a look at the evidence:


CNBC, Forbes, New York Times, and Investor's Business Daily all studied the difference between men and women in investing skill… and the results consistently put women on top. 


Even Fidelity Investments did their own study and found women outperforming men.

Additionally, it is well known in MBA programs that young women are way better than young men at choosing companies in the stock market that will bring great returns on investments. 


See, women have a special ability to see into the money matrix that men only wish they could have. 


And women have strong intuitive and empathic abilities that can give them the advantage in business, negotiation, and growing money in every way.


So if all this is true… why aren't we all rolling in cash?


The REAL Reason Women Often Make Less Than They Deserve.

If you're even on this page, you are way ahead of most women out there.


The truth is that women have some extra challenges in earning, keeping, and investing money that men do not have.


And I'm not just talking about sexism, workplace inequality, wage gaps, or anything else that people usually talk about when discussing gender and money.


All these things do matter, yes.


But if all sexism was corrected tomorrow, we'd still have a lot we'd need to work through to truly embrace our amazing financial destiny.


The hidden problem is in our heads. (And if this resonates with you, know that it’s not your fault!)


Some of us grew up in a world where it was normal to be a “housewife” and a woman being the primary breadwinner was mostly unthinkable


Even for younger women and teens, this mindset is still encoded in our culture, and we’ve only recently started to break out of it.


Many women were indoctrinated to see ourselves as consumers first (“Women love shopping!”) and earners second… if at all. 


And let's face it, we're just barely into a century of being even allowed to vote, and our loving grandmothers and great-grandmothers couldn't help but unintentionally pass down some limiting beliefs that “wealth isn't for us.


So deep in our heads, we have limiting beliefs swirling… mostly at a completely unconscious level.


This creates a self-sabotage that we can't even see… it’s in our blind spot. 


Added to that, we have well-meaning female friends and family reinforcing these beliefs… and of course, all that sexism, wage gap, and patriarchal stuff adding to the pile as well.


I'm not saying we let society off the hook.


But we must take responsibility for ourselves if we want to change our lives. 


Whether all the sexist nonsense gets fixed tomorrow or becomes ten times worse, you still have the power to create, keep, and grow wonderful levels of wealth.


The Answer: Transform Your Money Beliefs & Tap Into Your Investing Advantage

The good news about money: As long as you get your mindset right, there's actually very little you need to learn about the investing world, in order to win.


In fact, it's easy to overdo it. 


Most “expert” investors on Wall Street can't even beat the S&P 500's return. (And if they do, they almost never do it again the following year!)


The not-so-good-news: Getting the mindset right can be tough.


I'm going to be real with you: changing your mindset about money is about the hardest thing you'll ever do financially.


Especially when you consider how much is unconscious.


You're going against countless generations of limiting beliefs women have had. 


Not just the “housewife era” of the 1950's but literally back to the Stone Age where women had to mate with a man that was good at hunting woolly mammoths… just to survive!


It is an extremely recent era that women can use their amazing skills of intuition, empathy, and connection to build incredible wealth.



How to Make Wealth Pour into Your Life Like Fine Champagne

With all the women I've worked with, I've found that working through childhood beliefs and emotions around money is what makes the biggest difference in lighting up the “wealth candles” in your mind so you easily attract and keep money.


There are a few easy but very important exercises you need to slap away all the blocks in your unconscious mind about wealth.


What I'm going to do is lead you through each one, and help you lovingly…


The Money Loves Women Signature Course The Fastest Way to Simply Allow Financial Abundance to Flow Into Your Life.

I've put together the concentrated essence of my podcast, my private work with women all over the world, and everything I've learned from my mentors…


All to culminate in this one amazingly powerful course that you can finish in a week, but will change your life forever.


You’re now going to get the absolute best practices to make you a woman of effortless abundance.


Now, sometimes “effortless” means money just comes your way out of nowhere… and sometimes “effortless” simply means you're having the time of your life doing what you love, as you earn.


Either way, you'll find that money is something that just “happens,” and is taken care of. It becomes as certain to you as knowing you can get a book from the library if you want to.


It's always there when you need it, and you can always get more if you desire it.


Here is what you will learn in this phenomenal new program:



Module 1 - Make a Decision for Wealth

  • The Women's World of Money… All the hidden issues women have with finances… and how to dissolve them all.
  • Child Money-Trauma Dissolvers – How to handle those “bad” lessons about money you received as a child… even if you can't remember them.
  • Money Manifestation 101 – This cuts through all the B.S. about the Law of Attraction, and gives you the simplest way to allow the universe to work in your advantage
  • How to literally change your DNA to make you more successful with money (This is totally science based, and I can show you!)

Module 2 - Mind Over Money

  • Fear into Freedom – Watch your stress disappear as you believe in yourself more than ever and easily take the profits and/or high salary you deserve.
  • How to squash your hidden fears of money and create a gorgeous confidence that makes you a boss-babe negotiator.
  • Your Money Vows – The subconscious promises you made to yourself about money can be affecting you decades later. Here we'll uncover them and create new promises to yourself that train your subconscious to bathe you in abundance.
  • Luscious Lifestyle Design – To let you create the perfect schedule that makes you the most money and lets you move through life loving every moment. You want to wake up at noon? Go for it. You want a latte in Italy, in a trip completely paid for by your new S-Corp? You can have it.

Module 3 - Becoming the Queen of Your Money

  • Lucrative Lavishing – How to pamper yourself with all the nice things you want in life… and still have plenty of money left over for savings, bills, and everything you want to give your family.
  • Queenship of Finances – The fun and empowering way to take responsibility for your money. You'll feel amazing, loving that you depend on no one, and have all the resources you need to create financial abundance.
  • The 7 Money Predators – and how to protect yourself from all of them… even when one lives in the same house!
  • Your Money Moat – How to guard your financial castle and insulate yourself from what happens with the economy, world affairs, and changes in tax law.

Module 4 - The Master Key to the Financial System

  • The way the wealth economy really works… and how to navigate the intentionally confusing world of taxes, interest rates, and fees.
  • How to escape the “wealth inequality” phenomenon that is happening and growing right now… so you have your assets safe and growing.
  • The quick-start method to creating a cash machine business from scratch… even if you don't feel like you have any talents.
  • When to go it alone, and when to get hired help to manage your finances. (Pay attention to this lesson, because if you do this wrong, you'll be getting outrageous fees and not even know it!)


Demand the Extraordinary Life You Deserve

Refine Your Money Mindset

Free yourself of limiting beliefs and patterns from the past, and become the kind of person who attracts wealth.

Radiate Confidence to Manifest Your Goals

With a clear vision and the steps to make it a reality, you’ll have unwavering clarity on your financial direction in life.

Take Practical Steps in Financial Education

Cut your learning curve with teachings designed for women and learn how money works to reach financial freedom.

Start from Any Stage in Your Life

Why wait to start building your wealth machine? Access the financial tools of successful women to create your dream future.

Change Your Financial Destiny Now At this Special Low Price

These days, for me to coach someone one-on-one, it can cost a good $1,000 an hour.


And no one is disappointed because there is no better ROI than mastering your money and creating financial abundance for yourself. 


In this program, I've extracted all the essence of my best teachings into an easy-to-follow program, that you can go through at your own pace.


You can use this with a journal, take notes along the way, and follow the exercises in real time.


You'll see some differences right away, as your heart, mind and spirit get more comfortable with the idea of you earning and keeping more than ever.


The outside benefits like higher pay and outright financial abundance can take some time to fully arrive, but you will see signs of the first increases very quickly as well.


For all of this, it would make sense to me to charge at least my $1,000 one-hour fee, but I am going to give you a special deal because it’s too important to help the women who are trying to help themselves.


For A Limited Time, The Money Loves Women Signature Course Is ONly

One Investment of $47

That's right. Just one payment of $47.


I may raise this soon, as this is very valuable transformational work.


But if you order right now, you'll get all of this at this low price.


Will You Settle for Less Or Claim Your Queenship?

As I've said above… Women are great investors!


In fact, there are a lot of ways that we're better at it than men!


But we settle for less, far too much of the time.


I've taken my own power back, and I've helped so many women claim their birthright to abundance as well.


Now it's your turn.


At this point, you have to decide.


Are you going to let things stay as they are?


Or are you going to create a life where you can afford all that you wish to have?


All it takes is some mindset shifts, some belief correction, and the bare minimum of financial knowledge that will let you wield your power in a way that creates money, abundance, and freedom.


I'm waiting to hear your own success story, and I would love it if you let me share your beautiful growth with others when that happens.


Life is too short to settle for less than you can have. And it's definitely too short to settle for being less than you are. 


It's time to let your magnificence shine.


Click the button below to gain access to your course and start changing your life today.


It's 100% guaranteed, and you will make your investment back quicker than you can imagine.


What are you waiting for?

Have questions?

What is Money Loves Women?

Money Loves Women is a female-focused educational ecosystem dedicated to helping successful and driven women identify the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back - both in their financial standing and in their overall self-worth - and provide them with a comprehensive approach to wealth-building so they can dare to pursue an extraordinary life.

What is included in the Signature Course?

The Money Loves Women Signature Course includes access to four online video modules that empowers women to transform their perspective on wealth from the inside out. Starting with inner beliefs, the course highlights disempowerment and teaches how to power a positive mindset to manifest wealth and meaningful goals.

How much does the Signature Course cost?

The entire, four-module course costs $47 and provides unlimited access to all lessons 24/7. Each lesson infuses access to downloadable exercises and assignments to take actionable steps in your journey.

Where can I watch the course videos?

After you purchase, you’ll be able to create a login where you can access the complete Signature Course online. Learn at your own pace, watch from the comfort of your home, or when you’re on the go.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We’re confident in the results you can achieve with our Signature Course which is why we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.