Taking Responsibility for Your Money, with Ted Thomas

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Money Loves Women
Money Loves Women
Taking Responsibility for Your Money, with Ted Thomas

Most people consider Ted Thomas America’s Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Authority. Since 1989 Ted has been teaching and guiding newcomers and serious-minded investors how to make money with safe secure predictable tax lien certificates.

What You Will Learn:

  • Ted Thomas’ model for wealth building, cash flow, and investment
  • What are tax lien certificates and how can you invest in them
  • How you can accumulate properties for only 1-2% of their value
  • The challenges that newcomers and serious-minded investors face with Ted’s method
  • How competitive the market is for these tax lien certificates
  • The benefit of this method for people abroad
  • How much money you need to get started
  • The time period in which you will begin to see returns
  • The best states to invest in


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