The Impact of Financial Literacy, with Susan Meredith

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Money Loves Women
Money Loves Women
The Impact of Financial Literacy, with Susan Meredith

Susan Meredith is the inventor of MentaMorph Money, a financial game and workshops to mentally morph mindsets about money. Their goal is to eradicate financial illiteracy on a business and personal level.

She previously founded HumanExcel, a corporate education firm specializing in educational experiences for Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, and government agencies as well as Go Green Squads, an energy efficiency provider for single-family, multifamily, and commercial properties. She received a Management Excellence Award and a key Technical Award during her IBM career. Susan started into business at the age of nine with an egg route delivering 50 dozen eggs a week.

Susan is the author of the award-winning book Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management and has an MBA from the University of Texas and a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

What You Will Learn:

  • How growing up as one of seven children impacted Susan growing up
  • What was Susan’s experience as a woman in engineering with a majority of men
  • How Susan transitioned from a career in engineering into business and entrepreneurship
  • Why Susan knew it was time for her to leave her job at IBM
  • How physics and other areas of science relate to spirituality
  • What women should pay attention to ensure they are happy and fulfilled in their work
  • How a change in an image can alter someone’s attitude
  • What are some differences between the United States and Australia
  • Why impoverished people can not get out of poverty by budgeting and saving
  • How financial literacy and education is so crucial for people in poverty 


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