Removing Your Blind Spots, with Grace Kamau

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Money Loves Women
Money Loves Women
Removing Your Blind Spots, with Grace Kamau

Born in Kenya. Immigrated to the USA. Grace walked into a cyber cafe in Kenya and was checking her email. She saw an ad to apply for a green card in 2003, and went to the studio next door, took a picture then came back to the cyber cafe to apply for a green card and forgot all about it. One year later she received a letter from the Kentucky Consular Center that she had won a green card. She has a degree in Information Systems Technology from United States International University. At 23, she came to the USA and started her life’s journey

What You Will Learn:

  • How growing up in Kenya is similar to growing up in Britain
  • How the way women think is valuable in cybersecurity engineering
  • How Grace removed her blind spots by fixing herself energetically
  • Why Grace didn’t recognize racial discrimination when moving to the US
  • What a Certified Ethical Hacker does
  • Why do hackers target objects other than computers
  • How to secure your home from cyber attacks
  • How to raise children with a broader world view without imposing your own biases

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