Detaching from Outcomes, with Amelia Randolph Campbell

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Money Loves Women
Money Loves Women
Detaching from Outcomes, with Amelia Randolph Campbell

Amelia Randolph Campbell is a certified Speaker with the Big Talk Academy and has been a speaker and teacher for leadership conferences and podcasts. Amelia has taken her two unique careers as an Actor and a Sales Coach to create a platform that elevates the personal development experience for leaders, positive disruptors, influencers, and communicators. She is developing a book and courses to further empower people with her methodology

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Amelia doesn’t believe in the “starving artist” mentality, despite pursuing a career in acting for decades
  • How personal growth, development, and mindset impact the careers of salespeople
  • Why actors or those pursuing creative careers must release their attachment to outcomes
  • What does it mean for salespeople to sell with integrity
  • How to use your imagination to give yourself the feeling of the outcome that you want
  • Why asking better questions can help lead you to better results

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